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Meaning no males contact me. M4w I know you are lonely, Just fun with discretion and stressed. Lost in it all, we fall silent, such a change from the that raged. Went in to get my boys hair cut and you walked in. Because one of my dogs has high prey drive and will likely want to eat a chihuahua or similar sized animal.

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Not aith of a problem you might think, but i need Just fun with discretion ride 5 miles of roads to get to my fave trail and the vehicles are sliding around with their windshields covered in falling snow. Don't fancy my chances in these conditions.

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I've got to ride home later. It's been snowing again in central Manchester for an hour, which means that the roads will be nicely iced up Just fun with discretion. Might get out later but i doubt it.

Discretion may just be the better part of valour! - Singletrack Magazine

I don't wit it's worth risking trouble just for a little fun, the roads are thick and the drivers thicker! Wait til tomorrow — snow will have stopped then.

Plus discretoin you've got Rochdale drivers to contend with! My teatime road ride over the Campsies on Sunday turned into a full-on snow ride when a blizzard came on out of nowhere.

It was fantastic fun, hardly any cars and the snow was lying thick and fluffy with plenty Just fun with discretion grip for my 23mm tyres. Just fun with discretion bonus of passing around 50 stuck cars on the way home, riding past Juet thinking hope I don't slip and puncture my smugness!

Yesterday's commute on the fixed gear was a road affair as the towpath was too crunchy-snowy for my Today I took the towpath on the SS hardtail.

That's the man for the job, looking out the window at the snow and looking forward to the ride home.

Managed to Just fun with discretion to the trails via the canal and road but once at the hill it was hard work. Going to have to get out tomorrow, still snowing here at the moment and more forecast for early hours of Christmas Eve.

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Think I might pad up. TBH it's a bit too deep to ride in around here — the low levels are ok but as soon as you get to the hills it gets around a foot Just fun with discretion of snow. Jusg simply the colour of the day! I didn't notice for a while as i Just fun with discretion orange glasses on, but the snow-clouds were really low and giving a really weird Iso Colorado Springs with policeman. A climb that is in discrwtion granny ring at the best of times was completely unridable for more than a few feet.

The blizzard didn't really lend itself to photography either. Where is that one shot? Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 of 27 total. Was going to go riding in the snow today but it's Just fun with discretion a blizzard.

Posted 9 years ago.

Would do you fgood to get out and have some fun. Fun on an MTB, less so on 24mm road tyres.

Think i'll go diecretion my flat pedals on… Posted 9 years ago. Going out on my road bike! Think i'll go put my flat pedals on….

Wish I had time to go out, it was great fun on Sunday. You might not get the chance again this winter!

All i need to do is learn how to post pics on here — flickr doesn't seem to like it. Right — pedal time.

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Last day of work today, plan to be out riding tomorrow! Disdretion got out — rather i took my bike for a push! Still, i got out and that's what matters. Only did 14 miles and i'm absolutely shagged! Just fun with discretion did — elbow pads are a must when you can go down like lightning!

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Doscretion, lets see if i can link… Posted 9 years ago. At lest you've GOT snow, nothing here Just fun with discretion all on the south coast, humph! Click IMG, make sure windows lets the pop up open. Paste in the photos URL Posted 9 years ago.