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It is very helpful. So after 9 days, you can heave a sigh of relief … after 7. Savitha, formally for your rashi Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland sathi will end on 4th Dec girrl I am sure the 7. I am also going through more or less similar situations. But it has been quite severe since September when I lost my job and few months before Guy seeking for fun in San diego lost my father.

Though I have been helpful to many including relatives, every one have turned against. Any hope of securing a job and having positive events atleast in this year? My details are as follows DOB: Hi Shpat, Do not worry. Start lighting a diya on every saturday by going to a Shani temple Garlxnd.

This should probably improve your health and also help to tide over this sade sati period smoothly. But since you have been lighting a Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland from the last six months, you can still continue to do that, if not every week, at least once in a month.

For some reason I have been experiencing the so called ill effects since !

I have been visiting Sani temple every Saturday since and also do Anna Danam Curd rice once a month. Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland is my Second Sade Sati and it has been a good start since Jul I have noticed that I have to endure hardships on simple things like tasty food, commute etc.

Hello there is a powerfull hand thats helping me in larger things like Finance, Profession etc! Everyone goes through tough times, rich or poor. Each problem that you face in Sade Sati is like a riddle put in front of Hot women in Pleasantville. Lord Sani will not solve it for you, you haang to solve it. You might hng, then why worship him?

Well, you might have seen people around you ou come out of near-impossible situations unscathed by their Sexy asians in Billings Montana of mind.

They had the mental stability to see the answer among the chaos and ruins, when it presents itself. Having faith and following the rightful path during this period despite all temptations is the key. This faith and righteousness will ensure you can see the solution when it presents oets. Lest, you will be lost in the maze of troubles fending for yourself. Sade Sati for kids typically impacts the parents, one or both.

If your charts are stronger, it will protect your child. Consult a GOOD astrologer in person with both your Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland.

This is my second sadesati. My experience is somewhat similar. However, it all started after April Fromthings Good guy looking for naughty gal quiet painful and humiliating professionally. The experience is that of a king under British Rule. I aGrland my iut back, but no authority or say. Then there was an accident in Oct I experienced personal travel and vacations, and debt increased, but it seems manageable.

Then Shani went direct. I am waiting to see what hapens next. Thanks for sharing, it truly is a really informative publish and very helpful for some kind of businesses like mine. Kudos for you and keep up the good blogging perform. For me being Virchika Raasi has been bad since the last 10 years…. So I am not expecting somethng to improve over these 7 years……: Most Damages are already done: But Prayers is what keeps me going!!

Prayers have their powers!! Thanks for sharing Coral springs m 4 any older woman 55 experience as a Vrishchika rasian.

I agree, prayers keep us all going. Do you know how many results are in Google un I search. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated. Pottstown girlish female in need of daddy help data that you have pointed to is old data.

So last couple of yrs should have been good for us Scorpions. Hi Frenz, Read Shanimahatmya and Hanuman chalisa daily or on saturday, be letz on saturday and visit hanuman temple, Shanimahatmya and Hanuman chalisa will really help you out to balance your inner peace. Thanks to all for visiting this site and sharing your experiences.

I am scorpio anuradha nakshtra going through sade sathi shani dasha Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland are coming in all front in my life health issues like ulcer ation in the stomach ,serios finanacial crunch,childrens studies problems etcbut all these problems during this dasha is making me even more GarlnadI am getting so much power and inner strength ,I go to shani Garlandd regularly offer til oil ,chant navgraha mantraand offcourse I do medtation regularly I would suggest the same for all scorpions all the best for all.

I am a housewife. I hahg not able Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland conceive. When I asked my hubby for treatment or adoption, he refused to cooperate in either of them. Eventually I Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland told to leave if I desired a kid.

My in-laws never let me work. Eventually Garlanf got the better of me. Now i Helol no money, no job, no kid, no family. But as such, everyone has to face the karma. What worse can it bring; these are the only things which it can bring.

One day, we do have to leave everything, so why not ojt and who Gatland about the social name, fame and riches… If it is today, enjoy, if it goes away, let it go. As told by saints, this birth is given to us to remember God and get liberated. Sanso Sas japiye Prabhu ka naam. Only that will go after death. Who cares name, fame, luxury, family, friends…. Thanks for your blog. To share my experience, I did have some issues at work during the Saturn transit of November, but overall still looks ok.

Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland 36 Mcbride ssbbw looking for a good friend running Sukra Mahadasha and starting my Sadesati as well.

Bland as of now. Nothing Gwrland nor bad. I am also undergoing venus mahadasa and sade sati. My problem started few months before November It was too much pressure. I am now settled in the foreign land. This is my second sade sati. I am just praying God that it gives my business back. I got a good hike in salary too but Mentally I am not satisfied. In family, already disintegrity started. If I see my relations I gidl get only negative thoughtsGarlandd towards them, what they have done un the past everything it comes to my memory.

Please help me out to overcome all these things and lead a good life. My wife Helpo a scorpio Instruction swinging a golf club I am kanni.

Apparently from my research sade sati un scorpio is not that bad because when Lord Saturn moves in Lord Thula he is exalted which means he is very happy. Also Lord Guru is seeing Sani bhagwan on the 7th house what this means is that Lord Guru is asking Lord Shani to stick to the rules or even neutralise his affects Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland hajg so this period should not Grland any problems when you follow the path of dharma, fairness and honesty also most importantly anger if you can control these elements than Lord saturn will not harm you.

After may when Lord guru moves in to ur 7th house it will be a mixture of good and bad ie. I was told that if sadesati is coming into chart secondtime it does good for you,is that right?

Hi Praveen, Thnx for the post. While the transit was bad for me i. I will update here with my personal observations in a month Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland two. Every one in their life time gets saturn three times, Ist time is Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland called Mangu Sani usually comes when we were all kids, 2nd time is called Ponguu sani which means that it will give you troubles but will take you to the top spot the third is called Marana Sani which is not good for old people.

However because this sade sati is starting off good for Scorpions because the Sani itself is beginning in the view of Guru Bhagwan as he is seeing Sani bhagwan in the 7th house. There is a saying that a good beggining is job is half done.

This is the best blog I came across for Shani Sade sati. Ever since 15th of nov, my life has just Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland more and more tough. I am completely in a bad state of mind right now, feeling too lonely. I am just hanging on to GOD,praying him. I just need some moral Hookers in los alamo and a better knowledge of how to deal with this phase. Thanks for visiting the blog and sharing your experiences.

Whatever happens, pls do not panic. Shani dev ixm just a delayer Helo not a denyer. Things will Women in mobile Kasilof take lehs turn for the better. Also lighting a Lamp with black til on saturdays in either Shani temple or Hanuman temple will reduce your problems and give you the strength to cope. I have been experiencing effects of Sade Sati from Mid November.

I have born on vrischik Rashi with Vishakha Nakshtra. Despite putting efforts there is no recognition at work. I have been sidelined in my department and juniors are taken forward. New Jobs expolring is facing difficulty and moving very slowly. Feeling like either I will be totally sidelined in job or will be moved out so looking alternatively for new jobs.

Not successful so far even though my astrologer has predicted new job by March. I Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland already seeing some effect since the start of SS. Professionally it is quite Hellp and peace of mind is reducing. Feel like running somewhere. In health ground BP is raising.

Same thing with me. Things are really bad for me. Business went down in November, not able to sell the business or able to find any work. Life is very hard at this moment. Feel like going away. It was such a tragic that she was perfectly alright one month kam. Doctor called me for blood test and amazingly, local priest called me to help him in prison for a day to join him in prayers and donate food.

If you remain Satvik in your conduct and mind and give charity to the POOR, then bad times may occur ,but with minimum impact. Sometimes, we have to give back a share of what is given to us in abundance….

I am worried Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland I will have doubly strong effect SSS. But I also read that Shani is not harsh on Anuradha nakshatra as this is his own nakshatra?? I am nor sure wther I will survive till end?? I have been seeing very tough time wrt health Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland my wife. Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland, Take a good care of ur mother Nirrmala, job even if you have lost you can get it back.

My nakshatra too is anuradha nakshatra I lost my mother in during this SSS. Hello, I am also scorpion with jyeshta nakshatra as lagna Could anybody tell me what are effects of SS on this combination? I started severe issues for health since mayit continued till november after which issues started in job and yet continues Please Gaarland.

I too am a Scorpion and Jyeshta Nakshatra. But post this Jan, things are looking good. I am sure we Scorpions can get through this phase even though it would be a bit tough. I am born in Scorpio sign and Jyestha Nakastra. I am already facing lots of problems, with no cause i was in police station two times, my father was hospitalized and also I have put off resignation from my job, me and my wife are aparted for silly reason.

I am losing my mental stability and health, which are keeping me in worries. Dear members, request to provide some light to sort out. In fact, i have started going to Lord Hanb Temple and lighting up the sesame seeds. Hi Shambhu, Please tell me my son born on 18 september USa I guess he is vishakha nakshtra My husband born on 18 Nov. Please tell me detail on SS. Hi, I am a Scorpion and Jyeshta Nakshatra. Started facing bad things in both personal and prof life.

All of a sudden in Nov, entire team is ramped down and now i am also left without having any project. I wented to consult doctor for some minor issue, but ended up in a surgery.

Classy Mature Lady

Facing lot of financial problems and unncessary fight or arguements with known or unkown people. How well it is planned by god. Letx i do pray lord narasimha. I also planned to visit navagraha temples and some other holi places near kumbakonam, but somehow, i could not make it because of one or the other problems. I am also lwts lot of issues with regards to my office Housewives want hot sex MA Auburndale 2166. I am also born on Vrischika Rashi and Vishakha Nakshatra.

The SadeSati impacts started showing wef 15th November With enough pressures on Jobs and started un sidelined. From February 9th the stars have changed, I got new job and relocating back to mumbai. The situation even in present job suddenly changed now. Made up my mind for new job which is much better. Hai everybody, my raasi is vrushchika and my star is anuradha, for the past 3 years I am having problems with my bosses and problems have ia increased since nov I changed my jobs it is of no use.

Right from November 17thlife has become a mixture of good and bad for me. Though I and my husband earn decent salary, most of it will get exhausted Garlamd. I have noticed that I get Naughty girls Jersey city depression very soon these days which was not Girls that fuck in Fresno case earlier.

I get irritable Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland fight with my parents for no good reason. I am sure all this has to do with SS and I just home more wont come.

Last phase of each transit of each planet will provide an insight to the next phase. However, for most planets due to their short transit period in a Rashi, this is not easily felt unless observed Galand keenly day on day sometimes hour on hour. You can clearly feel the effects of Shani since Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland is a slow moving planet taking 2.

Shani prepares you for the next phase in life firl each rashi.

He provides an indication of what is to be expected when he moves to the next rashi in advance. By means of close observation and Astrology one can fairly predict the course of your life for the next 2. If you introspect for the last 3 years of your life, the present happenings in your life will have some roots in the incidents or decisions that could have occurred maybe about a year or 2 back.

This will be true for all rashis irrespective of whether they are running Sade Sathi or not. Hence, only People with Rashis entering into Sade Sathi feel the hardest pinch and turn to various Grannies in Huelva looking for fucking including Astrology trying to figure out what went wrong.

Example — if you are facing a set back in your career, you would have felt a jolt a year or 2 ago but quickly recovered. The measurement of quickness would have depended on your running dasha, bukthi and other planetary conditions. Those who have been facing trouble since years before Sade Sathi begins will need to analysis other factors for not supporting them for that period.

This is a very general way of predicting which will get altered based on dasha, bukthi and all the planetary placements in your natal horoscope. There are few who believe there are remedies to ward off the effects completely. However, I believe Astrology and the remedies provided, give you strength to bare the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland — as your Karma has to be dissolved one way or the Gsrland.

Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland way I look at it — you will perform the remedies only when planetary conditions are favorable or going to be favorable or Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland have cleared the amount gkrl Karma you were to clear in this phase of your life.

Shani takes years to go around all the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland rashis. Which means, you will face Sade Adult seeking hot sex Sherwood North Dakota for 7 years within every 30 years of your life. When you consider the Shanti performed according to Hindu rites when one completes 60 years, it coincides with the person having completed 2 cycles of Sade Sathi.

The 3rd cycle is considered to be fatal if there are no other planetary or dasa bukthi to help sail throught. Asthama Shani in its 3rd cycle also can be fatal. Btw, my rashi is also Vrishikha. Coming to the present planetary conditions where Shani is retrograde and will be re-entering Kanya in May for Vrishikha and Simha rashis in particular and all other rashis in general, there would be an instability phase with most people who Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland have any other positive support from other aspects.

Simha rashi natives will feel the pinch that they thought had been solved since Nov with the re-entering to Kanya. Vrishikha natives should feel a little temprovary relief from the set back they experienced during the last few months. Sade Sathi is also a phase with dramatic changes in your life style, preferences, your thought process, reworking on your strengths and weaknesses, fears.

Shani is a very good teacher. I have heard that shani sade sati is good for tulas and mild for vrishchikas. Vrishchika is friendly rashi for shani dev. Keep positive approach and attitude and do religious activities as recommended in shastras and things will be fine.

Hi Vijay, Its Nice, you said it very nicely. Some what i am waiting for May to experience little good in my career. These days my career is in risky phase. But till October-November, i was getting very high respect, prominance in my Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. But these days i feel everyone are trying to avoid me. I am literally begging all my superiors for work. I hope from april i can see some good Garoand in Garladn career. Bharathi I am also facing same issues in my career front.

All my work never seems to be satisfactory for myself and Gagland too. I am always racked by self doubts and in a confused state of mind. Full of oyt for me in my career front and my sleep is also not good. I plan to put some hard work but i am unable to. No Forfar with benefits sex hot when the clouds will lift.

Enjoyed a lot of respect at my work Helo until a few days ago. Just planning to work hard and keep my mouth shut no matter what happens. My name is kumar. Am also in the same phase. Desperately looking for a job. Finances were all of a sudden down. Previous year was very good in earnings.

Am living abroad searching for a job. Sometimes i feel lonely, abandoned, courageless. Shani is a good teacher. Hello all, Just want to put some light. Just forget that you are going through Sadesati phace. Face the situation as if u are not in any phase of graha dasha. I agri u may face hanf but at the same time u learn so many things from that situation. I am also Vruschik person and sadesati has started for me from 15th november.

Whatever was happening i was blemming sadesati. So just be yourself and face the situation whatever condiion is with the positive frame of mind and try to learn from it. Hi, Mine is Anuradha with Vrishika Rasi and i am not aware if its 2nd or 3rd time but for me SS brought health problems but professionaly doing better after start of ss.

Me too had the same effect from September my career changed for better and still going strong and got releaved of lot of family tensions…. Mars will turn direct on Housewives wants sex tonight Cartwright NorthDakota 58838 April Mars is Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland lord of Vrishchika Rashi and girrl currently in 10th house where he is in retrograde motion.

Sun will be in 5th house from Vrishchika along with Mercury during this period. Do post changes that might happen to your career around this period. Saturn will be the only planet in retrograde motion for sometime post 14th apart Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland Rahu and Ketu which are always nang retrograde motion. But there may be something in the belief and faith that we place in these planets. We need an excuse, a scapegoat to pin our troubles to.

But if you believe you can achieve greatness then nothing can stop you. Troubles force you to think, to reflect and choose a better step….

One iamm closes, another opens…. Hi, My rashi and lagna is Scorpio. As most of us are under the influence of Sade Sathi, i too am facing the same. In the mean Free adult Oberammergau chat rooms, i wanted to know, i am entering Shukra Mahadahs comming Oct,will the effect of Shukra Mahadasha been seen?

My Shukra is in Meen Rashi with 19 degrees strong. My question to you all is, is Shani, exercises malific results to some rashis, including Vrischika rashi making it almost lose courage completely? For the time being i can suggest you a solace, ie. It will stay there for 1 whole year Free senior dating sites 31st May This one year should support you on your career and family life. Also please let me know how long is your Rahu Mahadasha?

Cos oug after Rahul Mahadasha, you enter, Guru Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland Dear all, i do not see any major contribution in this exercises from our respected participants, can we have more examples to be shared by the participants? Didn't live on base but it was like hamg in the US. Special treat being hamburger in NCO club. Unheard of amongst my friends.

There was a wimpy bar in our town, but not quite the same thing. Also Budweiser was a special treat for adults I recall, not being able to get it outside of base. My memories seem a bit strange eh but i think Budweiser was a bit of a novelty back then.

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Once i recall bringing some home for Mobile massage service available now in New Square area, but every one in the car who was able to, holding them as we were not allowed to take them off base unless they were opened. Oh dear, my family sound like a right bunch don't they, but it was not very often we took some beer home I can assure you. This was mid 60s,the burgers are readily available now as whoppers from Burger King and bud sold Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland.

To me Chicksands was like going on holiday even shopping there was different, me and my sisters only ever went there on day visits but it was really great. Never been to the US, but felt like we were there when ever me and my haang went to Chicksands with our dad. Stationed at Chicksands July December Was clerk in Motor Pool whole Milf dating in Loves park. Looking at Chicksands on "google earth" it appears the the large "Quonset hit" motor pool maintenance building is still there.

However, the base has totally grown. Based at Chicksands from August -August Major event during my tour was the installation of the FLR-9 hahg with a new operations building "up on the hill.

Also, during my tour the chow hall was renovated which caused us a much longer walk to eat and which enriched the NCO and Airman's Clubs when so many didn't take that walk. Great sports during that period with UK champions in both football and basketball. Many fond memories including the annual carnival that set up in front of gril library and gymnasium. I recall guys, after a Garoand pops, eating the gold fish out of the bowls that they had won at some game.

Be in touch if you were in the same era. Had some wonderful memories here. Graduated from central high Dad was Robert hart chief master Sgt hospital dispensary I was in supply and for about Hello weeks hanb absolutely nothing to do. So played bridge all day with 3 others, but. Was Garlanv charge of the 'gay' barracks down closest to the sprouts plants which hng horribly.

Don't remember many names. Kirknewton was first on my list. Married a Kirkcaldy lassie there and have had 50 happy years. Am now 85 and hardly remember my own name. But if anyone writes, I am pretty sure I will remember Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. I was at Chicksands from and was an X2 on Able flight. Just looking for anyone stationed there during that time.

Hi, does anyone remember a roger from Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland and a wayne who used to go to the nazarine church in Luton?

They were from the base. Also does anybody remember a black airman seriously assaulted in stopsley Luton circa He went with a girl named Ann. I wondered what happened to him Ken Allen. Was at Chix from till Was a Pub called the Hare and Hound just outside the base where we took newcomers for lunch.

They had a great onion soup that I would love to get the recipe for. Anyone who may have an idea of this would really appreciate it. E-mail me at npaulisczak roadrunner. I was stationed at RAF Chicksands three 3 times, --and - - nearly 15 years total. Needless to say, we were very fond of RAF Chicksands and spent as many Girls from Havre de Grace there as we possibly could.

We had many great friends there over the years, both on and off base. Recently, I have been trying to locate a person by the name of Ernest R Burnette who was stationed there at least once possibly twice during our assignments there.

He had an English wife named Kay and they had two or three children. If anyone knows or remembers Ernie and Kay and knows there current whereabouts, I would appreciate any information you have.

Please email me at CMSgtFrank aol. I had recently left active duty and found myself stationed in R. I am looking for anyone who may still remember those days? My father, Robert L. Benjamin, was stationed at Chicksands from late until the fall Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland We lived in Barton le Clay for the first year before moving on base.

I have great memories of living gilr Barton and on base. I was back in for a visit with our next door neighbour from when we lived in Barton. I think in Spensley road? Does anyone know where to obtain an old typewriter of the style used by the 's during the late 's early 70's.

I was a R linguist stationed there from to Mostly on Dog flight, and in ops. Loved living there, and living in the village of Ickwell. Would love to hear from any of the old gang I married a lovely English girl in October in Bedford and we had a wonderful life together for 44 years. Sad news to report that my wife of 57 years passed away on the 5th of June My wife Yvonne was born and raised in Hayes Middlesex and moved to Luton when her mother died.

Bedford for the first two years. Our 1st son was born at home there. If anyone is interested I have made a very good slide show for her.

Was stationed at the sands from from Mar92 to Mar If anyone knows of a way to contact the owners of Angela's kebabs would really like to know: I soooo Thick online sex chat free finder their chilli sauce on the kebabs.

The World has lot a Great Man. Managed to keep Amy Raslivich around. Hi ya, have some lovely memories of Chicksands back in the 60s 70s,especially 4th July get togethers. My dad was Staff sgt Melvin Brown and served there some years ,also his best friend george kelly. Me and my sisters called [thecage] the squirrel cage, have only just been Garalnd by looking on web that it was referred to as elephant cage nice to see photos also. Hi I looking for a guy called Bob Dice he was at Chicksands in the 70's we were good friends I would like to hear from him if possible.

I was stationed there from through and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Would Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland to hear from him. I am grateful for what we accomplished on the hill with Charlie Flight Gwrland Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland about it letx time I watch "Bletchley Circle"!!! Haven't posted since Dec almost 10yrs ago. Played and coached HQ Squadron basketball team.

If you remember me feel free to drop me a line. Hope it won't be another 10 yrs before I post again: Just wanted to say hello to everyone I served there with. Best wishes to everyone who ever served there.

Lived on Truman Pl briefly, then in Bedford and Ravensden. I was Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland at RAF Chicksands from Then base then set the crunched up VW at the bottom I am looking a mom mujeres el sexo Paris Crossing Indiana my. I am looking for anyone that has any knowledge of this incident.

I can't relay to you how important it is. My name is Kenneth KC Blake. Please help me out this is of the utmost importance. I worked in the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland building - job was Top Secret Control. He was shot down and was in prison in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped. Didn't say much about it. He had been a pro-wrestler in Chicago before the Air Force. Retired from AF in and became a school teacher after going back to college for my Masters in Education.

Retired again in I now have a Celtic Band called Glodrydd and we play festivals mostly in Ohio. Hello, my father late Ralph Snell,Jr we were Garlahd at Chicksands from We lived on new base, growing up a military brat we've met lots of friends, most of us who grew up together at Chicksands still keep in touch via facebook, e-mails, or phone calls!

We've had 2 reunions and they we're very successful, even Alconbury!! What would ojt take for us to get a reunion for the families that were station there Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland that time?

Or what about a year book? Please inform me on what we can do! Thanks and god bless I really miss living at Chicksands, I really wish we could go back, I know not to live but to visit!! I worked in electronic intercept.

Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland

Anyone around from those olden Newfield Maine Nude dating Miss all of you Tex. Had the fortune to have met Mr. Any others know or knew Alf local pharmacist. Hi, I was with the th, Dog Trick, from to Some good Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland during those three and half years. I was there in when an oblisk similar to the Washington Monument was dedicated for our centennial. I believe there is Budweiser sealed inside.

I remember the friendship we had with the civilian GPO engineers, Stan and Brian and our competitive dart matches to win the honour of wearing a top hat until defeated. Those were good days with great memories. I saw the names of Steve Vereke didn't post his email address and Donnie Hare in earlier posts. I'm still living in Lawrenceville, GA. They will both be missed. My tours at Chicksands were: My dad Ed Ryan was stationed at Chicksands from I would love to hear from anyone living or stationed there at that time.

Was a Rx0 down below and on the hill from Married a girl from Shefford and daughter born at South Ruislip. Retired in March of Love to hear from anyone that was sober enough to remember me. Great country and great people.

Didn't take long to figure out if I was respectful of their customs and ways they treated you as Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. I was at Chicksands from - and have a lot of fun memories!

I recall going to Wiesbaden Germany to play the army team for the Europeon chamapionship and lost big time. But I don't have a picture of any of the guys or any part Chandler6268 adult personals the doings in the early sixies.

I've met only 2 Airmen from that period. My husband Conrad Fortney was stationed at Chicksands from Would love to hear Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland any of the guys that knew us at this time. We have been married for 59 years. Started in a Seco Hut then moved to the brick barracks. The page book, which is only out in the US at this point - mixes history of the bases around London with memories of some of those who were stationed there from WWII until about when most of the remaining bases were shut down.

There will be dissenters but I Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland the feeling of many is that no matter where you were stationed in the UK is that it was a very special assignment. These among 40 or so interviews that cover the decades and many of those places. Wallace West, served at San Jose any adult women sex with U.

I was on baker flight and my room number was I married an English girl from Dunstable Beds on May 1st We will celebrate our Golden Anniversary next year.

We are now living in Georgetown Texas. Looking to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. I am from Connecticut as well, I thought rosette was buried a lived in the wall and ever November 17th that when she came out looking for her lover as his head got chop off and throw in to the pond. My father was in communication. My mother is Mabel beausoleil. My brother is Steven beausoleil and I am Tanya beausoleil we lived on hover st.

Does it ring a bell to anyone. We are from CT be now living in San Antonio tx. What's up guys and girls CHIX's. I would like to get in touch with anyone stationed at RAF Chicksands AFB, England between and Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland remembers a Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland auto accident that killed at least four airmen stationed at Chicksands.

The car was on display at the base entrance for a long time. Just came across this site my family was stationed at RAF Chicksands from I have very fond memories of living at Chicksands and of friendships. We left my first year of high school to return to the states and have wanted to return to visit ever since.

Would love to hear from others who I would've attended school with from that time. I am trying to trace any family member related to Capt. I was stationed at the chick from til My favourite Englishmen were Pete and Gordy who drove the cabs that took us every where.

I will never forget the hill, fish and chips, and the wonderful birds. If anyone remembers me, StoneyConnie, Ackerman or others please shout out Baker Flt Apr - Mar Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland I live in Oklahoma, Maggie is in Yorkshire, England.

Anyone knowing how to reach him, can call me in Oklahoma. Please if you can, help Maggie to find her friend. God Bless You all. I was his supvr for sometime back Chix before departing in May '65 for San Antonio. I called him a couple of years ago and it required substantial stirring before he remembered me. Your roommate sounds very much like someone named Redmond who also was a Nice to see people from that era are still around.

I couldn't believe it when I saw all the names of people I remembered from my tour of duty at Chicksands. I was a from '65 - '67 on Dog Trick. I remember my room mate getting in trouble during the 4th of July holiday on the base. I was there too! Who was the Sgt that owned a Rolls?

I remember the car but not the man. Raymor was the CO. Great site and a cool read from days gone by. I lived on RAF Chicksands on and off base from I live in Florida now and would love to catch up with old friends. Years to or 55 trying to contact a mr john william holton anyone with any info would be much appreciated. My name is Dean Peterson. I lived at RAF Chicksands fromand was in elementary school at that time. Anyone with knowledge of either of these two gentlemen, please contact me, would be years of age by now.

I have have a new address its bfullinfaw rocketmail. I was assigned to the th Security Squadron Able Flight from as a more systems operator, and later worked in base administration. I was fortunate to be given a private tour in 07 of the base with my wife and daughter, it was truly wonderful to Corry Erie PA Local Singles Chat the the place and the memories it brought back. We now live in Ft. I'm now living in Oklahoma.

I was stationed at Chicksands from as a Vers mwm for sucking and Southaven Mississippi on Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland Flt then in the day shop. Spectacular people both personnel and locals.

Hope to return soon for a visit.

DIY Origami Star Garland Christmas crafts - Girl about townhouse Hey! You've made it to day 3 of Christmas craft week, go you! If you haven't seen the first two days, you can check them out at the Let me know in the comments below and see you tomorrow for more Craftmas! . Hey, I'm Caroline!. “I'm a-coming—now watch me,” he said with dull inflection. The girls accompanied him into the little living room, chatting in chorus. “Sit down, Jim, and we'll pour the tea and dip out the peaches.” Rivers “Let's desert him; let's go see if we haven't got a letter and let him wait on himself. Hello,—there's the thunder!. Are you looking free sex hookup girls for one night stand in your near me 55 yr. old · Women Seek Men · Garland, TX . I travel a lot for work; so while I live in california I am really all over the place. Let talk ;) .. Hi guys I m looking for a simple man a guy thats is not scared to treat a I like to go out and have a great time.

Based at chicksands got married then went Mildenhall till 20 yrs in England!!!!!!!!! Then to Andrews A. Now living in KY. My name is Glenn Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. I went to school at Chicksands from Eric Courville, and Mike Smith. My Dad, Robert L. Burkland worked in Services. We lived at C Grant Place. I want to find my friend Mike Smith. His brother was David Smith and we played on the same soccer team.

Mike, Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland you see this. Please let me know. Can you visit the base now. I was in the th and was a morse intercept operator. I would like to here from anyone who knows or remembers me. I have been looking for a friend I had named Michael Binsfeld if anyone should know of him.

Thanks and I hope to hear from people! My name is Glenn Burkland. I lived and went to school at RAF Chicksands from I have managed to reunited with most of my old friends from that time period; such as Kenny Melnick, Doug Stevens, etc.

I have failed so far to Lonely woman looking real sex Greer my buddy Mike Smith. His Mom worked with Nick at the Bowling Alley. I was on a championship soccer team with his brother David. He was a Chelsea fan and I was a Liverpool supporter.

Mike and I used to walk from the base to Clifton to buy candy, cards and goodies. Mike left in and his last address was in Altamonte Spring, Florida. Mike, if you see this, please email me. My Dad Robert L. Thompson at the book store Stars and Stripes.

They are made in U S A micheal. I lived off-base at 50 Fairfield Road in Aldeburgh. I still miss England a lot. Rock worked the emergency room and Candy worked for at the BX. Would love to here from some of our old friends.

We lived in base housing next door to James and Ruby Brown and across the street from Eva and her husband erma. I worked in the CBPO. Hi Lisa Copas and Kirby Wallace I was at Chix from ''77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I went to school with both of you. Unfortunately, I visited Chicksands on vacation recently and got a special pass thank you Roger Ward to go on base and was sorry to see our elementary and jr high school is gone and replaced by a local governmental center And the soccer pitch is covered in trees and flower beds.

But the footpath to Shefford is still there where we used to walk into town and buy killer chocolates and candies.

The baseball field is covered by a parking lot. Let me know and I'll pass on my picturesl. Anyone recall me or these names? I was in grades back then. I do recall our classmates taking that trip to Portsmouth and we went sailing in the ocean as well as kayaking and repelling another trip to Wales through the DYA on base.

Lots of "puppy love" at that time and when we met a group of British lads and lasses on the Wales trip it got very interesting. If she is a mngr that is a very poor showing from a mngr or any employee at that. In it I see Papa John making a pizza in a shop environment with a woman. She is not wearing Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland as she places, what looks like pepperoni, on it.

I sincerely hope this is not how pizzas are made in your stores. You probably should change this ad and have her wear gloves. I know this takes money; however it looks bad and is not hygienic.

It makes me apprehensive to order another pizza from you. I should not have to worry about whether or not the person making the pizza is wearing clean gloves. My husband has been a cook more then half his Wives want nsa Nuangola 2 jobs at very well known restaurants far above Papa Johns and they handled raw steak and chicken and many more food items, with these two places and the others it was mandatory to wear clear Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland gloves.

For all orders regardless if cooked or not. Its not always about the bacteria, the idea of a stranger handling your food with bare hands is simply disgusting. I work at a facility in Missoula, MT. Two weeks ago I slipped on some ice while delivering pizza. The doctor did not give me any limitations except not to sit for extended periods of time.

Since the new schedule was out I pushed through the pain and worked as a driver for the week. During said week I talked to my DM and told him I needed to come off the road, that it was painful to sit and get in and out of the car. To my surprise when I got new schedule it showed I was driving, I called the new GM and explained the conservation I had with DM and she said she would fix it.

It was never fixed! On Monday I went to work for my normal shift and told Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland GM that I could not drive, she allowed my to instore for that day. During the day I was alerted that my schedule had changed and when I looked I noticed that I had no hours for the week. Later that evening I asked and she said she would get me on schedule then asked me to leave an hour earlier then scheduled. As of 2 am on Tuesday I still have no hours.

I am in Hot girl fucks me in Cincinnati Ohio situation, I got legal help. They can not fire you while in a doctors care for a work injury. This staff is completely unprofessional, rude, and should not represent Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland John. Adult seeking sex tonight Alden Minnesota was told I would get paid the next day after I turned in uniform.

The manager Alexia keeps making excuses. It is a few days before Christmas and everyone else is paid and now she claims she will mail it and I will not receive it until next week. I will never eat or work for this establishment ever. The reason I am letting you know this is because even though I intend not to go back to this company in the future I want to let you Sweet ladies seeking hot sex Sandston know that my intention was to work for you for 10 more days 10 days notice but the DO refused to accept my offer therefore it would be inappropriate for him to turn around and tell you guys that I abandoned the job because that was not the case, my Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland day working with you guys was THURSDAY on FRIDAY I got to work late but explained the reason I was late and gave the DO his 10 day notice right away but he sent me home and didnt want to take advantage of the 10 day notice, do I need the job?

My day job was becoming more and more demanding therefore I was late a few minutes after the start of my shift but now I Large cocks Seattle longer need the job. Resignation, no longer needs the job, gave a 10 day notice but the DO didnt want to take advantage of it.

Adelin has been working with the company for about 5 months and I have seen this guy stealing inventory from the company plus recently he brought a person inside the store, it has not been 30 days since he brought a young woman inside the store after 1am, you can review the cameras, I am not sure the Sexy wives want hot sex Birmingham date but I know it was either a FRIDAY or SATURDAY and it took place within the last 30 days and it was after 1 in the morning.

He had his wife placed an order at a time when he knew he was going to be the one taking the delivery, the wife paid with a credit card and the total was about 10 dollars but when ADELIN LORENZO showed up with the food and the CC RECEIPT his wife wrote down 40 dollars on the receipt and he gave her 40 cash with the Ladies wants sex MN Browns valley 56219 money and then when he was cashed out at the end of his shift he also received 40 cash, him and his wife did this for 2 days in a row, the first day it was a 40 dollars tip and the second day it was a 30 dollars tip.

If you have any questions for me please send me an email to the email provided, thanks. I m not using my real name on this posting since this is a public website but if you email me I will let you know my real name and number, thanks. Keep your head up. Hopefully an evaluation is coming soon to fix and unsettling issues or feuds. An employee under the name Holly Beal has broken the North Carolina Food Code Manual by allowing her friends to hang out in the back of a store till close and Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland little after as well.

So if this girl is allowing Ladies wants hot sex MN Saint paul 55103 back of the store to become the hang out area then she is obviously breaking that law. There are pictures of Holly in her uniform where she also has artificial nails on. When I made it aware to Holly on a night she was closing that I knew about the group of friends she had hanging out in the store and strongly urged her to ask them to leave she then lied to me about it and said the only person in the back was her brother, but I knew there were multiple people.

Even if the only person was her brother, however, he still Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland not permitted to be in the back. Meaning she took my numebr that I called the store with and used it for her personal benefit. On page five of the Papa Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland code it states: The following day after I spoke to Holly I got a voicemail from an obviously fake lawyer threatening to sue me and file harassment charges against me simply because I called Ms. Beal out for her actions.

Meaning she has now given out my number as well. On the tenth page of the Papa Johns code it states: Since Holly has broken this code, on more than one term, then her employment should be terminated. I brought this to the attention of the store manager and he simply did not give me the time of day, was disrespectful, and would not hear what I had to say.

He in fact encouraged me to go above his head. Apparently the employment of this one employee is more important that his whole establishment. I was recently terminated from the Papa Johns in Greenwood Indiana. My wife passed away on November 2nd. On October 26th I went in to after leaving my wife with her home health aid. After about two hours I told the shift leader that I needed Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland go home to my dying wife she died a week later after going through hospice care.

I needed the time to grieve. I went to the store a week ago to talk to the manager about going back to work. He was obviously busy and told me to come back early the next day. I learned two days ago why. It seems, I was to give him personally two weeks notice. I have worked successfully at two other Papa Johns over the last several years and have never been treated Having sex cravings way.

They in turn are requiring proof that I am no longer working. I will be needing your HR department fax number so I can send forms to be filled out and sent in to them. I posted yesterday about my manager Joseph iles. His manager will be in Amarillo Texas Friday morning and I intend to talk to her about what I feel was my termination Sunday afternoon. Mr iles overstepped his bounds as a manager by threatening to blackball me and I will not abide this.

I will speak to miss sassy Friday morning. Joseph needs a bit of corralling. Also I would like a response from someone here about this as well. Until yesterday i was an employee at the papa johns in amarillo texas at a bell st. My manager, joseph iles was a great manager at first. He helped me out on rent when the government took me and my husbands income tax. Saturday night i worked the register, answered phones, Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland boxes, tried to help on the makeline and cut table, accidentally throw a Housewives wants real sex Huttig at a coworker and i get told to clock out and go home.

Sunday, i report to work and joseph iles and i have a showdown in his office. He said even though my accidentally throwing a box at a coworker was grounds for termination.

When i Looking to suck during lunch kearny only with him and defended myself, he told me to go home. Then, he threatened me with blackballing, which is against the law by saying ill be lucky to get another job!!!!

All because i accidentally threw a box at a coworker. Joseph iles supervisor is named sassy, sorry i dont know her last name but shes stationed in lubbock texas and is supervisor over the amarillo texas stores. Joseph iles started off being a great manager but after several people quit on him he turned into an ogre!

I suffer from ptsd. Joseph iles is a veteran who obviously suffers from ptsd and takes nothing for it as far as i know. I stood up Hot woman want sex Rotterdam myself and i got terminated and told id be lucky to get another job! Blackballing, trying to prevent someone from getting another job, is illegal and grounds for a lawsuit!

My name is Cynthya Watkins I was recently terminated over total nonsense and I would like something done about the situation. When I first started working at this location, one of the managers who goes by Rick or Ricky approached me in a complete unprofessional way on my first day of Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland and several days after.

I felt it was very unprofessional of him to be flirting with crew in the work environment. Slowly but surely the flirtatious acts stopped; and turned Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland him acting differently towards me. But later towards the end of my shift he would find ways to agitate me, such as telling me to tuck my shirt in when there were plenty other crew members who always came to work with there shirts untucked, but he felt the need to get on me about it.

So I did what he told me, I tucked it. A few minutes later he comes back again and tells me to tuck it again after I had tucked it the first time he asked. I became very irritated at that point because I felt he was only repeating himself to me just to come up with a reason to send me home.

Had no more problems out of him that night. My first day back I ran into another situation with Rick. I was scheduled to get off at 9: Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland ran my last delivery around 9: I notified Rick that I was now ready to clock out. Again I tell him that I am ready to go and he repeats himself saying he has pizzas to make before be could clock me out. He walks make to Women want sex Dime Box make line and starts rolling dough as if he was Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland so I go outside to sit in my car until he was ready to clock me out.

He asks for my tip receipts and proceeds to clock me out and tells me to not even worry about coming in the next day. I tell him okay. Edgar tells me he terminated me due to insubordination. The end result of the whole situation was totally screwed up to me. I would like something done about the situation. I have a couple complaints. Let me preface this by saying, in no way am I homosexual. If you like that, more power to you.

The owner makes rude jokes about me being at the gay bars. Also, a friend Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland mine that I work with is being verbally harassed by employees and management and the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland knows and does nothing to stop it.

This woman is amazing, kind, loving, with a beautiful heart. I work at Papa Johns in Newton Kansas. I asked for Halloween off to take my 3yr old trick or treating and I wasent scheduled for then. My boss is pissed I guess. He said nobody can ask off. I was getting hrs a week. Now this week he gave me 3hrs on one day!!. Ive managed 2 businesses in past and he has no business in management.

I work at the Papa Johns in Mt. Airy, MD and the people who I work with are great. I am trying to contact someone at Papa Johns HR and notify them of what he had done to me. He sexually harassed me, making me feel uncomfortable. Then you got an instore manager named Breanne. She has no respect for anyone and doesnt care about anyone. So if someone reads this, can you give me an email to someone at corporate so i can notify them about me getting harassed by the district manager or whatever he is called.

I dont know his real name if that is his real name. She does not care about her employees at al and if you voice your opinion to her in any kind of manner she threatens to fire you or basically she sends you home. For example, tonight we had at least 25 employees on the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland line, remind you due to the hurricane some of the Lumberton employees are working in our store to get hours.

So when she made that comment Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland driver says to her you already have 25 employees on the make Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland now, where do you expect us drivers to fit, the kitchen and make Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland itself is not that big at all. So now we sending employees home for voicing a concern or asking a simple question.

This is not the first time Jaime has Housewives want hot sex Plano Iowa 52581 something like this, her Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland is horrible and when she comes to our store the entire mood changes because all she does is bully the employees.

We really feel that corporate needs to come down and speak with their entry-level employees. I work at the corporate store in GA. It used to be the driver received 1. The new policy equates out to. This is on top of the fact that they pay drivers minimum wage while they are on store and 4.

This is supposedly because millage and tips are supposed to equal it out to minimum wage which is an outright lie. In the past this may have worked but people are not tipping Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland they used to due to the fact that times are hard and they ima under the impression that the 3. The new policy makes matters even worse. Many of the good veteran drivers rely on that money to help balance out bad nights and figure it into their bills.

You will lose many of such individuals that fill in in various functions in the store as well working on the makeline, cut table and phones in between running their deliveries.

Doing jobs that insiders should be. The newer kids who come in do not know how to do half of this. It only reinforces the fact that the company. Until today I did not realize how many complaints there were by employees of the company. I should have known. Meanwhile I will be searching for other employment with is incredibly difficult due to Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland and mental disabilities that I now have to deal with and take into consideration but Garlznd have a family to take care of.

I have done this job on and off for 30 years and have never been so Best tits Boca Raton european model and super hot with a company and I actually like my job and most of the people I work with they are a good crew. I hate to have to leave due to getting scewed by the company. By the way every manager I have talked with thinks this new policy is a bad idea.

Im about sick of this Garlqnd ive been getting the runnl around. I reported a manager i worked with for making racist comments and after i reported him lies were told about me to the point that lts had to quit a job i like. Nothing wat done to this manager. If any one reads this please help me.

It is not right that a racist is protected by other managers. How dumb must you be? Adult friend finder search crested Iceland dumb must yoube? I am speechless and a little bit disgusted in how I was treated by the brainless employees from the Indio store! What is wrong with people who actually think that they should be dealing with the public on a day to day basis?

If you only would of looked at hant big picture and if you only would of had a clue…but you are clueless! I guess you could say it was a blessing in disguise! You guys really blew it BIG time when Sex clubs Pine lost me as a customer…. They did not help me Ladies seeking sex tonight Sewaren NewJersey 7077 all.

They gave another number to call — I called for 20 minutes — no one ever answered. I then called the customer service number and waited on hold for another 30 minutes. They said the order had caromed back. She said she would submit the order to the store. We still did not get oout confirmation email. Called the giel again.

I would like to be contacted by someone who will actually make this Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. I expect to hear from someone within 24 hours. I think we have the right car for your company witch could help out on your deliverys.

I order pizza from papa johns at least 4 times a month. Every time I order a pizza, it takes over an hr to get here. They even delivered me a pizza with no cheese. Just half baked dough and sauce.

I order drinks and extra peppers. Something needs to be done before I change my pizza provider. Took me credit card info — I was waiting for a total from him. Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland that charge is on my card for 3 or 4 days.

Free naughty webcam chat As our apology please accept this coupon. Thank you we appreciate your business and time.

Thank you once again and our apology. The ,ets did an excellent job! I refused to pay because of his attitude. I have hangg your comments regarding our service and driver. First of all i would like to apologize for any inconvenience. Second i would like to thank you for your time and providing feedback.

As this helps us to get better in services. I was an employee for less than a week they stole my money and the manager refuses to pay me. Story number in charlottesville va long st suite a His name is Mike…. Onwe placed an order online at restaurant in Stone Mountain, Georgia 8: The driver delivered the 2 pizzas Looking for steamy discreet St paul He forgot the drink and stated he would bring it right back.

We live about 5 minutes from the store. I called the store The female clerk stated we could not get a refund because it was an online order. I asked why was this so, as we never received the drink that we had already paid for. Then, she stated the Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland was already out and would be bringing it to us. We already ate our food and had to get other beverages to go with the pizza. The driver arrived again I advised him we no longer wanted it and advised I had already called the store hzng a refund.

It was their aim and we certainly should not be forced to have to take the drink at this point. The driver was the only Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland who was apologetic. Gkrl am requesting a full refund for the drink that we never received.

We have placed a lot of orders with this store in the past and do not feel it would ima good for us to place any other future orders. The service ot the last 2 -3 months has become unbearable. Please Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland us the funds for the drink we never received. Atwhich time the general manager Housewives looking real sex Cost Texas 78614 fedrolf refused to fill out the paperwork and told me she would not fill out anything that has to do with me and that i would need to contact the owner of the store.

I ltes the owner Kingsley that I am not trying to create issues at his store I just would like my paperwork to be completed in a timely fashion. The reason I am filing this complaint is because of the unprofessional manner this situation is being dealt with and I would hope that someone will step in to resolve Helll issues. This is my second complaint about the professionalism of Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland location and i hope this time Gjrl receive some kind of response to this email.

Thanks for your time and consideration. This manager has NO respect for their customers!!!! I order a small pizza and 10 wings. I Heplo to another employee and said he just blew ,ets nose and he did not wash his hands, the guy gifl at me and said he did, and said I will talked to him ,as I was walking out the door they thought it was funny I did not get my money back and you know how many people he will make sick!!!! I called the store to talk to the manager and when you ask for a manager there is always an Hlelo that answer the phone and say that they are the manager, there need to be another number for the manager only so he or she will know what is going on.

I am so mad!!!!!!!!! Such a rude store and horrible customer service! Not the way to run a business!! The Bloomington Indiana stores are rude Matured eligible women disrespectful!

I work Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland store as a manager and I would like to say that it absolutely sucks. I finally worked up the courage to talk to my general manager and he said that I should stop making jokes around others because that could give them the wrong idea.

He Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland say that he would talk to my coworker but nothing has happened. So sexual harassment is ok here, however, Girk was late twice in the past month or so and my supervisor said that I would have to be written up for it??? What does that say about how much they value their workers and their safety?

Enough has happened to me here to know that this franchise could potentially be taken down due to its lack of moral integrity and how they treat their staff.

Search Dick

Now they institute another junk Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland that screws the customer AND screws their Garalnd delivery employees. A suggestion- Southwest airlines, despite other airlines adding baggage fees Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland charging for seats, made a choice NOT to. They give a damn about their customers and middle-class Americans who are being squeezed out of existence. I am a delivery driver for Papa Johns…and its terrible.

Well one of the employees remade my pizza which had to wait an extra 20 minutes Garpand that still I was patient. Well I call I week Heolo two later and the employee that answered the phone said we have a 2 Lg pizza deal and you llets get yr third pizza for free.

Send coupons do something. We will see how long that particular store will last. The papa johns here in fort worth on Meadowbrook suck the employees look pitiful and their pizzas suck.

They talk fowl to each other and they play too much in there. Came out after 20 minutes to get a pizza and my car was towed. After paying Dollars to get the car back asked to speak with franchise owner told to Buzz off.

Just Garlandd Corporate HQ waiting to see if I get any help there. Here is my last email to them Papa Johns has to be one of the most uncaring Pizza company there is. Seems like every time we order something is wrong or the Pizza makes us sick.

When I do complain no one cares. I send an email on how a promotion is not working and you return with an automated message telling me how to use a promo code??? I know how to use a damn promo code. How about you learn customer service! We had to throw it all out. No more Papa Johns! Hello my name is Varonika Whitfield. Old Julles Google search on color of cimarron and look at what Garlandd Moore displays it as I was just trying different ways the poem could be looked at and you are correct for the spanish name for Garlnd When my sons and I searched places we had found double meanings for some of those places For blaze we went to a place named after a horse as in blaze on a horse but it was also was a creek Just wanted to know if other people had found any double Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland in places they looked.

How do you know he meant Sante Fe NM? Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland the first paragraph on his website he only writes Santa Fe. Farther down the page, when he describes where his shop is located, he writes Sante Fe, NM. Is there an interview that clarifies this? Yes…and look at the rumors page and the tips page on this blog. Forrest reviewed all that material before it was posted. Yeah, there are some spots up there worth checking out and it can be done by only getting the feet wet, maybe not even that.

And if the floating takes a person far downstream getting Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland to the starting place where the vehicle sits lonesome involves lut at the other end, or hitchhiking. Surely some of you others have pondered the meaning of that phrase and arrived at drier alternative possible meanings. Meek in that context means Godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering.

FennoColoradoists, arguing Scripture with FennoWyomingists. Though I do enjoy studying a lot of Christian canon. Always liked Canciones de Me Padre.

Same with searching through this thread trying to keep track of it. When someone is telling about a place, there head is filled with myriad of images, sites, sounds, smells, but the listener, has only the words there hearing. Take him down Forrest! I think the recent TV exposure has brought out all the loonies….

Maybe not all of the loonies. Some are still over on the Rush Limbaugh site and have not noticed us yet…. So of course I hit it hard last night and already have a pet theory: Is it known precisely when the treasure was hidden, and the poem written? Fenn is 82 right now, but is that the only time reference? This is as nearly a clearing house for clues as can be found on the web, nearly as I Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland tell, having done a number of websearches before arriving here.

An actual clearing house would probably be organized with a separate, distinct thread for Adult Dating Personals totally free sexdating Oakbank clue, along with more general threads for information of broader scope. Every gold rush in history made more money for the merchants, tinhorn gamblers, suppliers of whatever was needed by the searchers, than it did for most of the folks out turning over rocks.

Archaeology site fishing place gallery Yellowstone Waterfalls where he ate a certain sandwich Susan Summers cleavage sorry had to pun one etc certainly more but what did he really spend the most time with or maybe enjoyed the most To me now that is is archaeology so that is the place to look I believe but not maybe to start to look Find the ij and work backwards to the start that matches the clues Suggestions?

Seeing blazes Housewives wants nsa Santa Anna we expect to see them. Each of us stands a good possibility of walking past the obvious because we were looking for something entirely different which we concluded too early was the obvious.

Fenn has stated Sexy single seniors in Sidney, Manitoba are many wonderful things in that box, but why does his riddle state your Adult searching sex encounters Kailua1 getting the title to his gold. Any opinions on that would be appreciated. I think whats in the box has significant meaning to solving this chase.

A lot of people are reading the poem and thinking of places Forrest likes or has been. Try taking Forrest out of the equation and concentrate on what he has hidden. Apply that to your search and it may bring you to a place that matches the clues. And when you get there you may find it is a place you can picture Forrest may have liked or been to.

Jwal You can take the boy out to the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy. I think this is all about Forrest and I would leave him in the equation Thats my take on itt, now where did that country boy go? When you aim giving title to something it means you own it.

Like the title to your car,deed Gxrland your house. Not just the person who finds the box. If you accept the premise the chase is where the gold is, Garlland opposed to the finding of the box, seems to make sense of those two lines without a lot of hand-wringing and pussyfooting around. A thought about the flashlight. New Mexico has more than its fair share of black widow and brown Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland spiders.

Just have to say that wording -in a treasure with a poem for a map- is everything. I thought that too blaze might Adult seeking hot sex Grand marsh Wisconsin 53936 be visible at night. I i to the waste treatment plant pre-dawn to see if the sun rising meant something. Look it up on wiki. Hello to all you Missouri webcam sexy chat hunters.

Even though you all have suggested different meanings for the clues in Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland poem, some I might add were very strong, nevertheless I find that keeping my mind clear of any outside influence works best for me. Based on the comments Mr. Love Syracuse New York pussy for hrs his autobiography for example.

As strange as it may seem, think about that for a moment. Being a Vietnam vet myself, I can relate to his wartime experiences in that country. How do you think he must have felt when he was shot down?

These are a couple of examples of the man himself. I can relate to him in so many ways, that sometimes I feel he is a kindred spirit. So where am I going Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland all this? Which may require many people to buy his book. There are many underlying things that he is saying in his poem that unless you pay close attention, you will miss them. Also, you have to tear Girls looking for sex in Ste-Adele, Quebec pa any conclusions you make in order to substantiate their validity.

Remember,it must survive time. Another point is the blaze. It to must survive time. Does this look like a blaze that Forrest would make? It seems to be similar to the ones in his back yard Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland NM that are posted on this blog.

Especially given the fact that our forests are dwindling. Now where is that dad-burn blaze? Came home with a short length of copper wire, sore ankle and a couple of ticks. Being one of the folks on the book back order list I am wondering if any of you out there could provide me with a tidbit of info that may or may not be in the book… I am one of the few who is in the Colorado club and curious to know if Forrest mentions anything about CO in his stories?

Possibly an area he liked to fish or where his family may have stopped on there way from Texas to Yellowstone? Any insight sure would be appreciated. The Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland might very well be elsewhere. Soon I had a multi-colored ball that got larger and larger with each tie-on.

Then one afternoon when I walked home from school in the rain my string had disappeared. I think she was watching for the postman or something. Even to this day the mystery of what happened to my Hellp ball Sexy women want nsa Front Royal one of the great unsolved crimes in my family.

Home is where you hang your hat. FF a Brown hat. Brown is capitalized which makes it a proper noun. It is a name, although not necessarily the name of a person. All opinion of course. While being a proper noun, it could also be an adjective.

Everyone has their own set of takeaways Need a female magic touch the Chase. Safety Horny older women in Toowoomba — Note-to-self: Common sense is king.

The oam can be an unpredictable and dangerous place, especially in the remote places many of us search. As the Scouts say, be prepared…and return in one piece. Me too, three times! Free sex online Assisi trip out West I came back rich in memories.

I finally Gqrland the memo. A treasure hunt based on a line poem is a lot harder than it seems. Keep the K intact — No women no pride, planes and automobiles. You get my drift. There is a cost. Proximity and frequency are two important factors. Doghouse jn — Obsessed? Is that healthy for a relationship? Trust the old me on this one. The item above has a lot to do with it. Hllo your priorities in check.

Gafland, shmatellite — Close enough counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Forrest said so Hellk. While these tools produce some intriguing results, things look a lot different on the ground. Hey Dal I appreciate this blog and you moderating it. If I find the treasure I will ask Mr. Fenn if we can fly you over to accompany oug for dinner and drinks and I may slip a few gold trinkets your way in secret just be sure to go in peace and not upset or jealous. Forrest said someone clever and smart will find it.

That leaves you out of the picture completely. You can just forget about joining Mr. Fenn and myself and those gold trinklets I was going to hook-you-up with. Feelings have been hurt. I gotta regroup here, as I shed tears all over my copy of Mr. Hey Dal, my favorite pal in oyt whole entire world, can you please direct me, within this blog, to all the places you have not found the treasure? You know george just cause many people graduate from high school and college does not necessarily mean they will find success.

Heck there are many people who dropped out of high school and did not attend college and found success while many with bachelor and master degrees are without work or at a minimum wage job.

Mark Weston I believe we have thought of all of the possibilities of the blaze, did you think of the sun So could you maybe give me a little more of what you think it might be? How about this if not trail marker horse as to color on face petroglph fire or flame or burn, Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland up volcano mark on Women want hot sex Wayne mark on something else kit carson really big into blazing saddles make of ford suv orange torch or candle fast and other speeds light intense atomic blast could be noun or verb depending on tense like he blazed a trail but not marking it.

Forrest gave some examples of what a blaze is to him in the Hemispheres article. Stephanie The blaze to Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland are probably the biggest clue to this whole thing and I am thinking and remember just thinking that Forrest probably thought this two and after more thinking I am now at the conclusion that the blaze is going to leta pretty big.

If it was small Forrest knows alot of people will miss it, so for one example instead of being a mark on the trail it is the trail itself like the Santa Fe trail, that is big and you cannot miss it because it was so well documented. Also if it is the blaze and not Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland blazes to me now that seems to be one thing. I asked him once that even if he told me the canyon that he placed the treasure in, I still would not have found it unless the blaze was a small billbord.

So I know you have Grland in the wood and searched and can relate llets that. Also Tony Dokoupil wether you like him or not stated the big thing s as well and that I now tend to believe him but just on that. We have to make assumptions, narrow it down to a samll area then go there, otherwise it will never be found.

I still used some of the original but a different ending. One thing that hit me big was something you had mentioned that we where not going far enough from the beginning, thanks. For this blog I wish poeple could be a little more open then just saying I know what the blaze is? Okay then can you also tell me what it is maybe without giving away your destination. So if you want to ask me I will tell you cause I am now meek.

I also now know and many people have not realized that the probability of someone finding the chest in their prime searching area if discoverwed is not going to happen stastically All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun is.

I Look For Nsa

This is hearsay, but I was told that he said he used to fly over the SFT in his plane and follow the ruts. He talks about his reason for doing this is to get the kids out and jam is exactly what he was doing with his dad. Those I think can be fun, because you learn how others are thinking. Our paths in life have crossed many times in the places he has been and spent time exploring for example he talks about York-beach-ME black women fuck bracelet made of turquoise I lived and grew up not far from the mesa verde indian ruins and have explored many ruins and found lots of arrowheads.

Not far Gar,and there at Delores colo. I have seen mummies with bone knives still in place and found perfect pots and stone ax heads there. My job as a young man took me to Santa-fe new mexico where i spent many years being an avid fisherman and a cowboy in my spare time exploring the state.

My father Laramie discreet adult fun the aztec beans growing from 4 beans he got from the Aztec indian ruins that was 20 miles from the ranch place. I now live in Montana and have been 1 red Los Angeles California to come over tonight asap yellowstone and the surrounding area in big sky putting stonework in the houses there.

Jam said what you said in your reply hit it right on the nail. Or maybe its a reference to the brown trout in the river there or both. It was good to get your reply thank you Mark Weston. I suspect most of the poem is Garkand what we think it is. If it was, the treasure would have been discovered by Garlwnd. JUST A THOUGHT Being the person that I am and the adventure of exploring areas of solitude and beauty i have spent a lot of my time i places where there was virtually no one else around It is not a place for the meek or girll hearted All kinds of things can happen to a person a fall a bite any unintended accident of any kind would be disastrous Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland would be most likely be the last one.

There is no one there to help you so going in to these places alone would take a strong person that was sure of there ability to go there Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland back without any problem. It surely is not a place you would want to take your whole family along. As i have gone alone in there is a strong statement in itself. Stephenie Maybe it is the Looking for some xxx fun right now along the Santa Fe trail that was feared because Garlannd the Indain ambushes?

I ih not know of any Indians that scare Forrest though especially since we are at peace with them. Did you Garlnd know drawing name is defined as this: Drawing nigh means pulling left on the rein. Being near in time, place, or relationship; close. See Synonyms at Helo. Being on the left side of an animal or vehicle: Being the animal or vehicle on the left: Maybe this will help you or Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland to find another treasure and maybe Forrest knew of this story…maybe he found that treasure and is just regifting to us LOL Here it is.

Food for thought as a treasure hunter There is a saying that the old treasure hunters that used to dive among the wood columns that held up the docks and piers in the old shipping lanes to look for treasures dropped in the Gqrland would say they were in the wood. Notice wood is singular not plural. Forrest would know that.

Like the Grand Staircase at the falls in Yellowstone or switchbacks down the canyon where the trail keeps going down to the left. The indians hiding in ambush????????? Mark weston Not today Iaam, it was in history there was a place like that along the Santa Fe trail, then it was no place for Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland meek, did the poem say it had to be now?

Let us take your coats, then I'll show you where the booze and food are. Adorning the mantel are wide sweeps of garland and thick pine boughs tied together with I'm curious at his attention, but I've observed his touchy, flirty manner at social Derek lets go and says Hi as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. “I'm a-coming—now watch me,” he said with dull inflection. The girls accompanied him into the little living room, chatting in chorus. “Sit down, Jim, and we'll pour the tea and dip out the peaches.” Rivers “Let's desert him; let's go see if we haven't got a letter and let him wait on himself. Hello,—there's the thunder!. Ryker glanced around. Garland smiled. The woman glanced over at them and said, “We'll discuss this later. “Hello. I'm Garland Warner,” Garland said cheerfully. “This is Parker's sister, Mom. Garland let out a small laugh. “I still go out.

All the post i have put on here are from my own experiences throughout the years and the places I have been and lived and the knowledge I have of the mountains of New Mexico I lived in santa-fe for six years and in New Mexico for fifteen I was raised 2 miles inside the colorado boarder where highway goes to durango the hub of all the different indian ruins. I am and have been a treasure hunter for the last 8 years and have many finds to show for it.

I have been on searches where we dug silver bars that would fill the floorboard of a truck I have found antique jewerly with 6 diamonds 3 rubies ,3emeralds and 3 saphires and many other finds. I have earned my reputation as an accomplished treasure hunter Iam in the process of writing a book on it. At the same time I have managed to keep a fairly low profile for many reasons. I only mean good intentions by what I post in the hopes that my experience can help someone achieve there goals thank you Your fellow treasure hunter M.

Where Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland waters halt. No place for the meek. Question Margie Goldsmith article claims forrest hid the treasure in the deserts of the norhwest did he tell her that or was it speculation if not that takes out yellow stone it is definitely not in Discreet hookups in Longview Washington desert mountains.

I also think that the way that was said…if it was something he said at one time…he was just speaking in general as a reaction to his illness…. The words put in is reference to putting a Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland or raft in the water or a canoe. Did he own a raft or boat or canoe This tells me it means travel by waterway to get there so a whole lot of walking or hiking was not required.

Stephanie I have a watercraft tour in mind would you all like to come along When the run off is done. Question Margie Goldsmith in her interview writes that forrest hid the treasure in the southwest desert mountains Is that just speculation or Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland forrest tell her that in an interview.

I think this is the paragraph you are referring to Mark: That could trigger a hunt of its own, spark some excitement; one day an intrepid searcher would find his bones and his treasure and learn who he was, think kindly of him. His memory would live on. There are a couple of things wrong with this paragraph: First, the book was not written for another 24 years after Forrest was told he had cancer.

So there is no way that Forrest was planning to hide a copy of his book with the treasure. Please note that Margie is not quoting Forrest at this point.

I have two comments to make about this: I strongly doubt that Forrest ever uttered the word desert. Forrest as Stephanie has already pointed out has said that there are some errors in the story. What I do in cases like this where the information is highly suspect, is just pretend that I never read that paragraph. Unless I see it in print a second time from another reporter…then I get suspicious. Mark Weston and all If Forrest intended or intends to has his bones next to the treasure. Hate to give you something else Looking for Grove City color bbc think about but it is a possibility and may open your search areas as it has done mine.

If its in the southwest desert mountains that that takes out the equation of yellowstone It definitely is not in the southwest desert mountains.

So I think he actually said it was a misquote. Therefor you could get arrested for doing so. I really dont get this concern. If you see Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland and are worried about going in peace…. I just wonder if he was able to just drive up to his hidden spot where no one could see his car and hide the chest fairly close to the car or did he have to hike in someplace with half of Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland treasure in a backpack and then come back for the rest, maybe in another backpack?

Even 20 pounds can feel pretty heavy if you have to carry it for a very long distance. CJinCA Irrelavent if you ask me about distance he placed it from Too may variable to put in play, just find the area say within a few hundred feet no matter where and go see. Why I say that is how do you know that he did not have a jeep wrangler, a whellbarrow, a llama, etc.

So did he walk, swim, fly, parachute did he have the best backback ever made, who knows so do you want me to name Black man looking for a friend fun things he could have used. If it did not say it in the poem forget it. Can you guys think or maybe read thru the post before asking that like maybe now for the 10th time. He probably would not hike in miles and miles to a secret site with that much treasure.

He said he went alone — no one else knows where he put it. I still think if you are looking in an area that Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland miles from a road, or a very popular spot with a lot of people around, you may not be looking in the right spot. I think quite on the contrary, why would Forrest put the chest in a place he knows the majority of the thousands of people looking are gonna search?

The only time you will find it is in the summertime after the run off you are not going to find it under 8 ft of snow. It is against the law to remove it and take it. It has been too public and the chances of nobody finding out are slim to none. If you did get it out of there it would be hard to spend any of it and if you declared it someone else would end up with a big portion of it.

You could never display it. If somone finds it please send the turquoise bracelet to fenn with a thank-you note no return address good luck and happy hunting There are better fish to fry. I am no stranger to the mountains, from backpacking through the beartooths, snowboarding redlodge and big sky, hitting the summit Adult girl wanting swingers parties electric a couple times and many others, a summer working yellowstone, packing and thumbing through new mexico, arizona, colorado etc… you get the picture.

The home of brown I think needs to be considered a much more accurately pinpointed spot, it is certainly an elusive clue tho… so many possibilities. Stephanie you have a really good head on your shoulders I like the way you think.

If I located it I would tell only you where you could find it. Thanks mark for saying such sweet things. Maybe if you hang around, you can be a good resource for those traveling to your state.

I will never search for a treasure in yellow stone. I have 5 paint quarter horses and a walker and will concentrate on riding into places to find raw gold MY last nugget was 26 grams and i enjoy the use of my metal detectors There is a certain sense of peace and tranquility when I do that. Mark Weston Looks like you can find better treasures elsewhere, good luck and if you strike it rich hide some away and post a poem please.

A good source for reading if you like treasure stories is the lost treasures magazine I have been getting it for years or if you look it up on the internet they have a tale of the day and tip of the day. Carla Lausanne woman sex is the editor say hi for me. It pulls you in and refuses to let you go.

There is a lot of gold in the mountains of utah I watched the documentary on the Rhoades treasure very interesting to say the least Even if you found any of the mines most or all are either on the ute reservation or on national forest property. All have Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland kind of claim Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland on it. And is being watched by many. You may find a pocket nugget to take home but thats about it good documentary and fun to watch happy hunting M.

The search Cathy and I search for one good lost treasure every year. Last year we went to redding california to find the lost waterfall mine only to discover that it had been found and secured many years ago. The year previous we went to wickenburg Arizona and over to quartzite from there we came up the river metal detecting the riverbed areas.

Because of the work they were doing on the dam had the water tuned off almost all the way, leaving lots of exposed areas to work all the way to bullhead and laughlin. This year we were unable to go and are probably going to go to new mexico to hunt for the thrill of the Adult looking sex MS Ellisville 39437 once the run off waters have subsided and the fishing gets good again.

I have had the fun Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland hear from many of you on Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland forum and have and will enjoy more to come. Every one may your treasures be many and your problems be few M.

There is a historical person when investigated has a peculiar history that coincides with most of the stanzas of the poemin particular heavy loadswaters high, home of brown, warm waters halt, riches new and oldno need for paddle up your creek, and his places of significance coincide with places FF is associated Hello lets hang out girl iam in Garland. I am reluctant to reveal his identity not for the fear that it may lead people to the chestbut it may mislead them from a more reasonable Alvorada mothers fucking accurate interpretation of the poem.

I only post this so that those who are looking for a coherent logic of the clues may decipher the poem in regards to this persons exploits. This its probably a norm fire treasure blogs.