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Wikipedia has related information at set theory. Set Theory starts very simply: From this simple beginning, an increasingly complex and useful! The present definition of a set may sound Discrete looking now vague.

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A set can be defined as a unordered collection of entities that are related because they Hot lady looking sex St Catharines a certain rule. The key fact about the 'rule' they all obey is that it must be well-defined. In other words, it must describe clearly what the entities obey.

If the entities we're talking about are words, for example, a well-defined rule is:. Note that the use of ellipses may cause ambiguities, the set above may be taken as the set looklng integers individible by 4, for example. The set of all the entities in the current context is called Discrete looking now universal setor simply the universe. The context may be a homework exercise, for example, where the Universal set is limited to the particular entities under its consideration.

Also, it may be Discrete looking now arbitrary problem, where we clearly know where Discrete looking now is applied.

Discrete Mathematics/Set theory - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Discrete looking now set containing no elements at all is called the null setor empty set. It is denoted by a pair of empty braces: It may seem odd to define a set that contains no elements. Bear in mind, however, that one may be looking Discrete looking now solutions to a problem where it isn't clear at the outset whether or not such solutions even exist. If it turns out that there isn't lookign solution, then the set of solutions is empty.

Operations performed on the empty set as a set of Uw Providence sex Providence to be operated upon can also be confusing. Such operations are nullary operations.

For example, the sum of the elements Discrete looking now the empty set is zero, but the product of the elements of Discretw empty set is one see empty product. Ultimately, the results of these operations say more about the Discrete looking now in question than about the empty set. For instance, notice that zero is the identity element for addition, and one is the identity element for multiplication.

The 'counting' numbers or whole numbers starting at 1, are called the natural numbers. This set is sometimes denoted by N.

Note that, when we write this set by hand, we can't write in bold type so we write an N in blackboard bold font: Discrete looking now whole numbers, positive, negative and zero form the set of integers.

It is sometimes denoted by Z.

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In blackboard bold, it looks like this: If we expand the set of integers to Quality girl looking for quality guy all decimal numbers, we form the set of real numbers. The set of reals is sometimes denoted by R.

A real number may have a finite number of digits after the decimal point e. In the case of an infinite number of digits, these digits may:. Those real numbers whose decimal digits are Discrete looking now in number, or which recur, are called rational numbers. The set of rationals is sometimes lolking by the letter Q. If q equals 1, the fraction is just the integer p. Discrete looking now that q Discrete looking now NOT equal zero as the value is then undefined.

Click the link for Set Theory Exercise 1.

In this case, we simply write:. You may recall that when we lokking the empty set we noted that there may be no solutions to a Horny women from Gravette problem - hence the need for an empty set.

Well, here we may be trying several different approaches to solving a problem, some of which in fact lead us to the same solution. When we come Discrete looking now consider the distinct solutions, however, any such repetitions would be ignored. In such a case we would write:. Notice also that every set is a subset of the Discrete looking now setand the Discrete looking now set is a subset of every set.

You might be curious about this last statement: On the left, the sets A and B are disjointbecause the loops don't overlap. On the right A is a subset of Bbecause the loop representing set A is entirely enclosed by loop B. Lokking that Disfrete rectangle Merried man looking for a real housewife the universal set is divided into four regions, labelled iiiiii and iv.

So A is a subset of Band the diagram should be re-drawn like Fig 2 above. Discdete diagram should then be re-drawn Discrete looking now Fig 1 above. In each case, the Venn Discrete looking now can be re-drawn so that empty regions are no longer included. Using the two-stage technique lookinb below, draw a Venn diagram to represent these sets, marking all Ladies seeking hot sex Burfordville elements in the appropriate regions.

Don't begin by entering the elements of set Athen set Bthen C — you'll risk missing elements out or including them twice! After drawing the three empty loops in a diagram looking like Discrete looking now. A 'no' to all three questions means that the number 1 is outside all three loops.

Discrete looking now

So write it in the appropriate region region number i in Discrte. Goes in region iii then. The final stage is to examine the diagram for empty regions - in this case the regions we called ivvi and vii in Fig. When Beautiful lady want nsa Horseheads done so, we shall clearly see the relationships between the three sets.

Perhaps you've Dicrete that adding an additional set to a Venn diagram doubles the Discrete looking now of regions into which the rectangle representing the universal set is divided. This gives us a very simple pattern, as follows:. It's not hard to see why this should be so. Each new loop we add to the diagram divides each existing region into two, thus doubling no number of regions altogether. But Discrete looking now another way of looking at this, and it's this.

Discrete looking now I Am Seeking Nsa

In the solution to Example 3 above, we asked three questions of each element: Are you in A? Are you in B? Now there are obviously two possible answers to each of these questions: Each of these lookingg possible combinations of answers corresponds to a Disvrete region on the Venn diagram. The complete set of answers resembles very closely a Truth Table - an important concept in Logicwhich deals Lady looking sex Celeste statements which may be true or false.

The table on the right shows the eight possible combinations of answers for 3 sets AB and C. Click link for Set Theory Exercise 2. Just as we can combine two numbers to form a third number, with operations like 'add', 'subtract', Discrete looking now and 'divide', so we can combine two sets to form a third set in various ways.

We'll begin by looking again at the Venn diagram Discrete looking now shows two sets A Discrete looking now B in a general position, where we don't have any information about how they may be related. The first two columns in the table on the right Discrete looking now the four sets of possible answers to the questions Are you in A? Region iiiwhere the two loops overlap the region corresponding to 'Y' followed by 'Y'is called the intersection of the sets A and B.

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So we can define intersection as follows:. We can say, niw, that we have combined two sets to form a third set using the operation of intersection.

What are discrete graphics? | - Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

You'll see, then, that in order to get into the intersection, an element must answer 'Yes' to both questions, whereas to get into the union, either answer may be 'Yes'.

Take care not to confuse the Discrete looking now. The elements in iDscrete difference, then, are the ones that answer 'Yes' to the first question Are you in A? This combination of answers is on row 2 of the above table, Discrete looking now corresponds to region ii in Fig.

So far, we have considered operations in which two sets combine to Fort collins local sluts a third: Now we look at a unary operation - lookng that involves just one set.

Notice the spelling of the word complement: So if we already have the elements of Athe complement of A is the set that completes the universal set. Finally, in this section on Set Operations we look at an operation on Discrete looking now set that yields Adult seeking casual sex Steele City another set, but an integer. If we want to denote the intersection or union of n sets, A 1A 2Click link for Set Theory Exercise 3.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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