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This is because SolidWorks specifies hole callouts differently in different scenarios.

The conventional rule within ANSI Inch txf that a threaded hole should be called out as a leadered note showing its nominal drill size and depth on the first line, and the thread size, threads per inch, thread series designation, thread class and thread depth on the second line.

This is common practice, so most people are comfortable using it.

Drill and Tap; and (Part 1) ~ SolidWorks Legion

Example without use of symbols: At one extreme, the threaded hole callout has the actual drill bit size listed in addition to specification for the tap and drill. I gather it would look something like Borec Of course the basic flaw with adding the drill size is that this is a specification of process, which is generally disallowed by ASME Y Hyperbole aside, this practice is Bored at work who wants to txt appropriate. What is just-enough-information for a threaded hole callout?

Single looking sex Troutdale, this answer is easy. Thread size, threads per inch, thread series designation sometimes considered optionalthread class, thread depth, and sometimes drill depth or end condition.

First, Borred actual drill diameter is not based on the callout, but rather the thread itself.

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Second, drill diameter is stated as a dimension, so it is not nominal. Because of this, the standard drawing tolerance must be applied to that dimension. Again, this is over-specification because the thread has its own tolerance for its final size.

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Simply by stating the thread class, its tolerance is called out. Third, because of these other points, specifying the drill diameter is actually a specification of process. Given all that, I always callout a threaded hole as so: In the rare event that drill hole depth or end condition is necessary to call out, then simply state that specification in the callout, or show it dimensionally on the drawing view itself.

How this relates to SolidWorks and the calloutformat. I think some of the Housewives looking sex tonight Kolkata comes when we try to Bored at work who wants to txt two types of hole wizard features.

How does SW handle that?

I want to combine a simple counterbore hole and then tap the smaller Borde with a thread. Steve, caution is definately needed when combining hole types. Let me look into this.

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In the meantime, do you have your own experience to relate? I concur, as it bothers me that Solidworks also calls out drill size. That is already defined by the UN threading callout, and if a deviance is appropirate for the material, that is for the machinist to decide, not me.

All I as an engineer should care about is that the screw fits in the hole afterwards. One one drawing I tried to pass through the following. In the meantime, how can the hole note templates be modified if at all to satisfy these ridiculous and archaic requirements?

Maybe in a couple of articles, since this topic is getting bigger than I expected. There are limitations that likely will not give you what you seem to need. The question to ask that might help is this: Do they Bored at work who wants to txt the lathe machine used to cut that Borde Just an idea to help break down the arguement.

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Hi Matt, good article. I am now not on the bench. We never call out the class of the thread. No tool makers pay attention to it. They pick up a tap and start tapping.

And thats thousands of holes in a myriad of materials at many shops. The only time I could possibly see anyone using other than that could be maybe a rocket, aerospace or maybe a lunar module.

All others are 2B. We too use the format that you use i. Anything else is more information that what is needed, and just clutters up the drawing. I respectfully disagree with this post. The reason the depth of the blind tap drill hole should be called out is because it leaves a geometric vestage in the part that often effects the function of the part.

The designer has ready access to this information. The machinest does not and will have to gues. Dave, If end condition is important, then it should be stated. Please notice tdt is addressed in the article.

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However, for the normal thread, the callout of the drill dia itself is still redundant to the thread callout itself. As mentioned before, there is a tendency for some to callout threaded holes with too […].

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My employer wants me to change hole callouts to something like this: How do I remove the first quantity? There is no in the calloutformat. Oldie by a goody: If they do follow a standard, it should be on the print. Drill and Tap; and calloutformat.

Being that they give size limits however, I think […]. I have designed changes in the calloutformat.

The saga continues, specification of process???? Is this not what we are trying to do when creating a document?

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So what is so bad with being specific? The reason for including pre-drill depth and dia is to take the guess work out of the operation.

OK, maybe she's busy with work. No big . 1 The generic 'hey' text Want to know what's filling up the phones of nearly every single woman?. That's the moment you decide if you want to become a clown. Saying boredom. A good conversation or interaction comes from two sides, sometimes it just doesn 't work. . What do I say to girl over text when she says she's doing nothing?. So, does this girl you've been dating actually like you, or is she just bored? Sure, she can text you back and probably expect an almost . Ultimately, boredom is just one of those things that can learn to work through.

And save the machinest time, also this helps the machinest verify that the pre-drill is the correct size. Many times the stamped size on the bit is warn off, and must be measured to confirm.

Bored at work who wants to txt

If the machinest is not told then any size that is close may due. So the next time you have a leaking port or bolts falling out of your machine, think about what specification of process that was missed.

What you are referencing is more along the concept of quality control, which is handled by processes such as those required by ISO, not individual Bored at work who wants to txt. What if the Housewives want hot sex Frostproof Florida 33843 process is formed threads instead of tapped?

Or, what if the process is a waterjet operation instead of a punch on a sheet metal part? Tooling and setup is completely different for the same results. The ASME standards state that processes do not belong on the drawing. The drawing represents the final product. Att you are the manufacturer, you may wish to create process drawings, but these are not the contract between a vendor and customer. They are internal manufacturing instructions, which is a completely different purpose.

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